ingilizce’de en sık kullanılan 1000 kelime hangileridir?

ingilizce kelime Bulutu

ingilizce kelime Bulutu

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İngilizce’de En Sık Kullanılan 1000 Kelime


İngilizce Kelime Bulutu

İngilizce Kelime Bulutu


İngilizce’de En Sık Kullanılan 1000 Kelime

English Word




about hakkında relating to a particular subject
accident n kaza something bad which happens by chance, and hurts someone or damages something
activity n etkinlik something that you do for enjoyment
actor n aktör someone, especially a man, who performs in plays and films
address n adres the number of a building and the name of the street, city, etc where it is
afternoon n öğleden sonra the time between the middle of the day and the evening
against karşısına touching something
age n yaş the number of years that someone has lived, or that something has existed
air n hava the mixture of gases around the Earth which we breathe
alone adj yanlız without other people
always adv her zaman every time, or at all times
American adj Amerikan coming from or relating to America
angry adj sinirli feeling that you want to shout at someone or hurt them because they have behaved badly
animal n hayvan
answer n cevap what you say or write back to someone who has asked you a question
apartment building n apartman dairesi a building in which there are many sets of rooms on each level for people to live in
apple n elma a hard, round fruit with a green or red skin
April n Nisan the fourth month of the year
area n
arm n kol the long part at each side of the human body, ending in a hand
armchair n koltuk a comfortable chair with sides that support your arms
around etrafında on all sides of something
arrive v varmak to get to a place
art n sanat
ask v sormak to say something to someone as a question
at -de in a particular place or position
attraction n etkinlik something that makes people come to a place
August n Ağustos the eighth month of the year
aunt n hala the sister of your mother or father, or the wife of your uncle
Australian adj Avustrulyalı coming from or relating to Australia
autumn n sonbahar the season of the year between summer and winter, when leaves fall from the trees



baby n bebek
back n arka, sırt
bad adj kötü not good or pleasant
bag n çanta a container made of paper, plastic, leather, or material, used for carrying things
ball n top a round object that you throw, kick, or hit in a game, or something with this shape
balloon n balon a round rubber thing filled with air or gas that floats in the air
banana n muz a long, white fruit with a yellow skin
band n grup a group of musicians who play modern music together
bank n banka an organisation or place where you can save and borrow money
base n üs
basketball n basketbol a game in which two teams try to win points by throwing a ball through a high net
bat n yarasa
bath n banyo the container that you fill with water and sit in to wash your body
bathroom n banyo a room with a bath, sink (=bowl for washing), and often a toilet
be v olmak a verb used when describing someone or something
be v olmak used to show that someone or something exists
be v olmak used to show where someone or something is
be v olmak used to give a fact or your opinion about something
beach n plaj an area of sand or rocks next to the sea
bear n ayı
beautiful adj güzel very attractive
become v olmak to begin to be something
bed n yatak a piece of furniture that you sleep on
bedroom n yatak odası a room used for sleeping in
begin v başlamak to start to do something
behind arkasında at or to the back of someone or something
Belgian adj Belçika coming from or relating to Belgium
Belgium n Belçika a country in Europe
bell n zil
best friend n en iyi arkadaş a friend that you like most of all your friends and spend the most time with
better adj daha iyi of a higher quality or more enjoyable than someone or something else
between arasında in the space that separates two places, people, or things
bicycle n bisiklet a vehicle with two wheels that you sit on and move by turning the two pedals (=parts you press with your feet)
big adj büyük large in size or amount
bigger adj daha büyük comparative of ‘big’ (larger in size or amount?)
bike n bisiklet a bicycle (=vehicle with two wheels that you sit on and move by turning two parts with your feet)
biology n Biyoloji the study of living things
bird n kuş
birthday n doğum günü the day of the year on which someone was born
black adj siyah being the colour of the sky on a dark night
blonde adj sarışın blonde hair is yellow
blood n kan
blue adj mavi being the same colour as the sky when there are no clouds
board n tahta a flat object or surface used for a particular purpose
boat n kayık a vehicle for travelling on water
body n vücut
bone n kemik
book n kitap a set of pages with writing on them fastened together in a cover
bookshop n kitabevi a shop that sells books
bored adj sıkılmış tired and unhappy because something is not interesting or because you are doing nothing
boring adj sıkıcı not interesting or exciting
bottom adj dibinde
boyfriend n erkek arkadaş a man or boy who someone is having a romantic relationship with
box n kutu
branch n dal
Brazil n Brezilya a country in South America
Brazilian adj Brezilya coming from or relating to Brazil
bread n ekmek a basic food made by mixing and baking flour and water
break v kırmak to separate into two or more pieces, or to make something separate into two or more pieces
breakfast n kahvaltı the food you eat in the morning after you wake up
bring v getirmek to take someone or something with you when you go somewhere
Britain n Britanya a country in Europe
British adj İngiliz relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom
brother n erkek kardeş a boy or man who has the same parents as you
brown adj kahverengi being the same colour as chocolate
building n bina a structure with walls and a roof, such as a house or school
burger n köfte meat in a round, flat shape, that you eat between bread
bus n otobüs a large vehicle that carries passengers by road, usually along a fixed route
busy adj meşgul working hard, or giving your attention to a particular activity
buy v satın almak to get something by giving money for it


café n kafe a small restaurant where you buy drinks and small meals
call v çağırmak to telephone someone
camel n deve a large animal that lives in the desert and has one or two humps (=raised parts on its back)
camp n kamp an area where people stay in tents or temporary homes for a short time
can v -ebilmek to be able to do something
Canada n Kanada a country in North America
capital n başkent the most important city in a country or state
captain n kaptan the person in control of a ship or aircraft
car n araba a vehicle with an engine, four wheels, and seats for a few passengers
card n kart a piece of hard paper with numbers and pictures used for playing games
care n bakım
careful adj dikkatli giving a lot of attention to what you are doing so that you do not have an accident or make a mistake
carefully adv dikkatlice giving a lot of attention to what you are doing so that you do not have an accident or make a mistake
carrot n havuç a long, thin, orange vegetable that grows in the ground
cartoon n çizgi film a film made using characters that are drawn and not real
case n kutu, sandık
cassette n kaset a flat, plastic case containing a long piece of magnetic material that is used to record and play sound and pictures
castle n kale a large, strong building that was built in the past to protect the people inside from being attacked
cat n kedi an animal with fur that is kept as a pet
catch v yakalamak to stop someone or something that is moving through the air by getting hold of it
cause n (bir şeyin) neden(i)
cell n hücre
century n yüzyıl
CD n CD a small disc on which music or information is recorded
chair n sandalye a seat for one person, with a back and usually four legs
chance n şans
change v değişmek to become different, or to make someone or something become different
character n karakter
chat show n sohbet programı a television or radio programme where people are asked questions about themselves
cheap adj ucuz not expensive, or costing less than usual
check v kontrol etmek to look at something to make sure that it is right or safe
cheese n peynir a yellow or white food made from milk
chef n şef someone who cooks food in a restaurant
chemist n eczacı someone who prepares and sells drugs in a shop
chicken n tavuk the meat of a chicken
children n çocuklar the plural of ‘child’
chief n şef
China n Çin a country in Asia
Chinese adj Çin relating to China
chips n patatez kızartması long, thin pieces of potato that are cooked in oil
chocolate n çikolata a sweet, brown food that is usually sold in a block
Christmas n Noel the Christian period of celebration around 25 December, when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and people give each other presents
cinema n sinema a building where you go to watch films
circle n daire
city n şehir a large town
city centre n şehir merkezi the part of a city that is in the middle and has a lot of shops or offices
class n sınıf
classical adj klasik describes serious music by people like Mozart and Stravinsky
clean adj temizlemek not dirty
clean v temiz to remove the dirt from something
climb v tırmanmak to go up something
clock n masa/duvar saati
close v kapatmak if something closes, it moves so that it is not open, and if you close something, you move it so that it is not open
closer adj daha yakın comparative of ‘close’
clothes n giysiler things such as shirts and trousers that you wear on your body
cloudy adj bulutlu with many clouds in the sky
club n kulüp a group of people who do a sport or other activity together
coast n kıyı
coat n kaban a piece of clothing that you wear over your other clothes when you are outside
coffee n kahve a hot drink made from dark beans which are made into a powder, or a cup of this drink
cola n kola a sweet, dark-brown drink with lots of bubbles
cold adj soğuk having a low temperature
collar n yaka the part of a shirt or coat that goes round your neck
collection n koleksiyon a group of objects of the same type that have been brought together
colony n koloni/sömürge
colour TV n renkli TV a television that has colour pictures
colourful adj renkli having bright colours
column n sütun, kolon
come v gelmek to move or travel towards a person who is speaking
comedy n komedi a funny film or play
comfortable adj rahat making you feel relaxed and free from pain
company n şirket
compare v karşılaştırmak to examine the ways in which two people or things are different or similar
competition n yarışma an event in which people try to win something by being the best, fastest, etc
completely adv tamamen in every way or as much as possible
computer n bilgisayar an electronic machine that can store and arrange large amounts of information
computer game n bilgisayar oyunu a game which you play on a computer
concert n konser a performance of music and singing
conditions n koşullar the physical situation that people are in
consonont n ünsüz
continent n kıta
cook v pişirmek to make food ready to eat
cooker n ocak a piece of equipment used to cook food
copy n kopya
corn n mısır
corner n köşe the point or area where two lines, walls, or roads meet
correct adj doğru accurate, or having no mistakes
cost n maliyet
costume n kostüm all the clothes that you wear at the same time, usually special clothes
cotton n pamuk
count v saymak to see how many people or things there are
country n ülke
countryside n kırsal bölge land that is not in towns or cities and has farms, fields, etc
course n kurs
cousin n kuzen the child of your aunt or uncle
cover n kapak
cow n inek
crop n hububat
crowd n kalabalık
cry v ağlamak to produce tears from your eyes because you are sad
cup n fincan a small, round container with a handle on the side, used to drink from
curly adj kıvırcık with many curls
current n akıntı
cut v kesmek
cycle v bisiklet sürmek to ride a bicycle
cycling n bisiklet binmek the activity of riding a bicycle


dad n baba father
dance n dans etmek a set of movements that you do to music
dance v dans to move your feet and body to the rhythm of music
dancing n dans etmek when you move your body to music for enjoyment
danger n tehlike the possibility that someone or something will be harmed or killed
dangerous adj tehlikeli if someone or something is dangerous, they could harm you
dark adj karanlık with no light or not much light
daughter n kız çocuk your female child
day n gün a period of 24 hours
dead adj ölü not now alive
deal n anlaşma
December n Aralık the twelfth month of the year
degree n derece, rütbe
delicious adj lezzetli extremely good to eat or drink
design n tasarım
desk n çalışma masası a table that you sit at to write or work
dessert n tatlı sweet food that is eaten after the main part of a meal
destroy v yok etmek to damage something so badly that it cannot be used or does not exist
detective novel n tehlike a book about someone whose job is to discover information about a crime
dictionary n sözlük
die v ölmek to stop living
different adj farklı not the same as someone or something else
difficult adj zor not easy to do or understand
dining room n yemek odası a room where you eat your meals
dinner n akşam yemeği the main meal of the day that people usually eat in the evening
dinosaur n dinozor a very large animal that used to live millions of years ago
directions n talimatlar instructions that tell you how to get to a place, or how to do something
dirty adj kirli not clean
dishwasher n bulaşık makinesi a machine that washes plates, glasses and other kitchen equipment
division n bölüm
do v yapmak to perform an action or job
doctor n doktor a person whose job is to treat people who have an illness or injury
documentary n belgesel a film or television programme that gives facts about a real situation
dog n köpek an animal with fur, four legs and a tail that is kept as a pet, or trained to guard buildings
door n kapı the part of a building or room that you open or close to get inside it or out of it
double adj duble, çift
down altında towards or in a lower place
draw v çizmek to produce a picture by making marks with a pen or pencil
dream n rüya a series of events and images that happen in your mind while you are sleeping
dress n kıyafet a piece of clothing for women which covers the top of the body and hangs down over the legs
drink v içmek to put liquid into your mouth and swallow it
drink n içecek a liquid or an amount of liquid that you drink
drive v sürmek to make a car, bus, or train move, and control what it does
drop v düşürmek
during sırasında for the whole of a period of time
duck n ördek
DVD player n DVD oynatıcı a piece of equipment that plays DVDs (=small discs for storing music, films and information)


11th (eleventh) 11inci (onbirinci)
8th (eighth) 8nci (sekizinci)
ear n kulak one of the two things on your head that you hear with
early adj erken near the beginning of a period of time, process, etc
earn v kazanmak to get money for doing work
earth n toprak
easy adj kolay not difficult
east n doğu
eat v yemek to put food into your mouth and then swallow it
edge n kenar
effect n etki
egg n yumurta an oval object produced by a female chicken, that you eat as food
electricity n elektrik a type of energy that can produce light and heat, or make machines work
email n e-posta a way of sending messages electronically, from one computer to another
empty adj boş with nothing or no one inside
end v bitmek to finish or stop, or to make something finish or stop
enemy n düşman
engine n motor
England n İngiltere a country in Europe
English adj İngiliz relating to England
enjoy v eğlenmek if you enjoy something, it gives you pleasure
enough adj yeterli
enter v girmek
equal adj eşit
escape v kaçmak to succeed in getting away from a place where you do not want to be
especially adv özellikle
Europe n Avrupa a continent
even düz, düzgün
evening n gece the part of the day between the afternoon and the night
event n olay
every day / week / month / year her gün / hafta / ay / yıl all days/weeks/months/years
everyone herkes every person
exact adj tam
exam n sınav an official test of how much you know about something, or how well you can do something
example n örnek
excellent adj mükemmel very good, or of a very high quality
excited adj heyecanlı feeling very happy and enthusiastic
exciting adj heyecan verici making you feel very happy and enthusiastic
excuse (me) v (beni) affet to forgive someone for something that is not very serious
exercise n egzersiz physical activity that you do to make your body strong
expensive adj pahalı costing a lot of money
experince n deneyim
experiment n deney
eye n göz one of the two organs in your face, which you use to see with


1st (first) 1inci (birinci) coming before all others
4th (fourth) 4üncü (dördüncü)
5th (fifth) 5inci (beşinci)
face n yüz the front part of the head where the eyes, nose, and mouth are
fact n gerçek, olgu
fair adj açık renkli having pale skin or a light colour of hair
fall v düşmek to move down towards the ground
family n aile
famous adj ünlü known by many people
fantastic adj olağanüstü very good
far adj uzak
farm n çiftlik land and buildings used for growing crops and keeping animals
fashionable adj moda popular at a particular time
fast adj hızlı quick
fast food place n hazır yiyecek lokantası a shop where you buy food to take away that is quick to eat
fat adj şişman
father n baba your male parent
favourite adj gözde your favourite person or thing is the one that you like best
fear n korku
February n Şubat the second month of the year
feed v beslemek
feel v hissetmek to have an emotion or a physical feeling
feet n ayaklar
few adj az
field n tarla, alan
fight v kavga etmek to try to hurt or kill someone using your body or weapons
figure n biçim, şekil
fill v doldurmak
film n film a story shown at the cinema or on television
film star n film yıldızı a famous cinema actor or actress
final adj son last or coming at the end
find v bulmak to discover something or someone that you have been searching for
fine adj güzel well, healthy, or happy
finger n parmak one of the five long parts at the end of your hand
finish v bitirmek to complete something
fire n ateş
first name n ilk ad the name that comes before your family name
fish n balık an animal that lives only in water, swims, and can be eaten as food
fit adj uygun
flag n bayrak a piece of cloth with a special design and colours, that is the symbol of a country or group
flat n apartman dairesi a set of rooms to live in, with all the rooms on one floor
flight n uçuş a journey in an aircraft
floor n yer, zemin
flow v akmak
flower n çiçek
fly v uçmak
follow v takip etmek
food n yiyecek something that people and animals eat to keep them alive
foot n ayak one of the two flat parts on the ends of your legs that you stand on
football n futbol a game in which two teams of players kick a round ball and try to score goals
football team n futbol takımı a group of people who play football together
footballer n futbolcu someone who plays football, especially as their job
force n güç, kuvvet
forest n orman a large area of trees growing closely together
forget v unutmak to not remember something
form n biçim, şekil
forward adv ileri
fraction n bölüm, kesir
free adj özgür not busy doing anything
free adj özgür able to do things without being controlled
French adj Fransız relating to France
fresh adj taze fresh food has been produced or collected recently and has not been frozen or dried
Friday n Cuma the day of the week after Thursday and before Saturday
fridge n buzdolabı a large cupboard that uses electricity to keep food cold
friend n arkadaş someone who you know well and like
from -den used to show the place or time that someone or something started at
front n ön the side of something that is most often seen because it faces forward
fruit n meyve something such as an apple or orange that grows on a tree or a bush, contains seeds, and can be eaten as food
full adj dolu
fun adj eğlence enjoyable or entertaining
funny adj komik making you smile or laugh


game show n oyun yarışması a programme on television in which people play games to try to win prizes
garden n bahçe an area of ground next to a house, often with grass, flowers, or trees
gather v toplanmak
general adj genel
gentle adj nazik
Germany n Almanya a country in Europe
get v almak to obtain or buy something
get up v uyanmak to wake up and get out of bed, or to make someone do this
girl n kız a female child or young woman
girlfriend n kız arkadaş a woman or girl who someone is having a romantic relationship with
give v vermek to provide someone with something
glad adj memnun
glass n cam a hard, clear substance that objects such as windows and bottles are made of
glasses n gözlük a piece of equipment with two transparent parts that you wear in front of your eyes to help you see better
go v gitmek to move or travel somewhere
go for a walk v yürüyüşe çıkmak to walk somewhere for enjoyment
go shopping v alışverişe çıkmak to go to shops in order to buy things
go swimming v yüzmeye gitmek to move through water by moving your body for enjoyment
go to bed yatağa gitmek to get into a bed
go to school okula gitmek to walk or drive to your school
go to the cinema sinemaya gitmek to go to a place where films are shown in order to see a film
go to work işe gitmek to go to the place where you do a job that you get money for
gold n altın
good adj iyi enjoyable or pleasant
good-looking adj iyi görünümlü attractive
government n hükümet the group of people who officially control a country
grandfather n dede the father of your mother or father
grandmother n büyük anne the mother of your mother or father
grandparent n büyük ebeveyn the parent of your mother or father
grape n üzüm a small, round fruit that grows in large groups and is used to make wine
grass n çim a common plant with thin green leaves that grows close to the ground
great adj harika very good
green adj yeşil being the same colour as grass
grey adj gri being a colour that is a mixture of black and white
grocery n bakkal a shop that sells food and products used in the home
ground n yer, zemin
group n grup a number of people or things that are together in one place
grow v yetişmek
guess v tahmin etmek
guide v rehberlik etmek
guitar n gitar a musical instrument with strings that you play by pulling the strings
gun n silah a weapon that you fire bullets out of
gymnastics n jimnastik a sport in which you do physical exercises on the floor and on different pieces of equipment


hair n saç the thin, thread-like parts that grow on the head and body of people and animals
half adj yarım
hall n koridor a room which leads to other rooms
hamburger n hamburger a round, flat shape of meat which is eaten between round pieces of bread
hand n el the part of your body on the end of your arm that has fingers and a thumb
happen v olmak if an event or situation happens, it exists or starts to be done
happy adj mutlu pleased and in a good mood, especially because something good has happened
hard adj sert firm and not easy to press or bend
hard adj zor full of problems and difficult to deal with
hard adj zor difficult to do or understand
hat n şapka something that you wear to cover your head
hate v nefret etmek to dislike someone or something very much
have v sahip olmak to own something
have a bath/shower duş almak to wash yourself in a bath (=large container) or a shower (=running water)
have a coffee kahve içmek to drink a hot, bitter drink made from dark beans
have a good/great time v iyi vakit geçirmek to enjoy yourself very much
have an ice cream dondurma yemek to eat a sweet, cold food made from frozen milk
have breakfast / lunch / dinner yemek yemek / kahvaltı yapmak to eat a meal
have got v sahip olmak to own something
head n kafa
hear v duymak to be aware of a sound through your ears
heart n kalp the thing inside your chest that sends blood around your body
heavy adj ağır
help v yardım etmek
high street n ana cadde the main road in the centre of a town where there are shops
hill n tepe
history n tarih events that happened in the past
hit v vurmak
hobby n hobi an activity that you enjoy and often do when you are not working
hole n delik a hollow space in something, or an opening in something
holiday n tatil a time when you do not have to go to work or school
home n ev the place where you live
homework n ev ödevi work which teachers give students to do at home
honey n bal a sweet, sticky food that is made by bees
hope v ummak to want something to happen or be true
horse n at a large animal with four legs, which people ride or use to pull heavy things
hospital n hastane a place where ill or injured people go to be treated by doctors and nurses
hot adj sıcak very warm
hotel n otel a place where you pay to stay when you are away from home
hour n saat a period of time equal to 60 minutes
house n ev a building where people live, usually one family or group
How (many) Ne kadar (fazla) used to ask about quantity, size, or age
How (old) Kaç (yaşında) used to ask about quantity, size, or age
huge adj büyük
human n insan
hundred n yüz
hungry adj wanting or needing food
hunt v avlanmak
hurry v acele etmek


I know. Biliyorum. used when you agree with something someone has just said
ice cream n dondurma a sweet, cold food made from frozen milk
iceberg n buzdağı a very large piece of ice that floats in the sea
idea n fikir a suggestion or plan
ill adj hasta not feeling well, or suffering from a disease
imagine v hayal etmek
important adj önemli valuable, useful, or necessary
in içinde inside a container or place
include v dahil etmek
industry n sanayi
in front of önünde close to the front part of something
insect n böcek
inside içinde in or into a room, building, or container
instant n an
instrument n aygıt
intelligent adj akıllı able to learn and understand things easily
interest n ilgi
interesting adj ilgi çekici keeping your attention
interview n mülakat a meeting in which someone asks you questions to see if you are suitable for a job or course
into içine towards the inside or middle of something
into içine towards the inside or middle of something
invent v icat etmek
Irish adj İrlandalı relating to Ireland
iron n demir
island n ada an area of land that has water around it
Italian adj İtalyan coming from or relating to Italy
Italy n İtalya a country in Europe


jacket n ceket a short coat
jam n reçel a sweet food made from fruit that you put on bread
January n Ocak the first month of the year
Japan n Japonya a country consisting of a group of islands near the east coast of Asia
jazz n caz music with a strong beat that people often play without looking at written music
job n the work that you do in order to get money
join v katılmak to become a member of an organisation
juice n özsu the liquid that comes from fruit or vegetables
July n Temmuz the seventh month of the year
jump v sıçramak
June n Haziran the sixth month of the year


kangaroo n kanguru a large Australian animal that moves by jumping on its back legs
keep v muhafaza etmek
key n anahtar
kill v öldürmek to make someone or something die
kilo n kilo kilogram
kilometre n kilometre a unit for measuring distance, equal to 1000 metres
kind n çeşit, tür
kind adj iyi
king n kral
kitchen n mutfak a room used to prepare and cook food in
know v bilmek to have information about something in your mind


lady n bayan a polite way of saying ‘woman’
lake n göl
lamb n kuzu meat from a young sheep
lamp n lamba an object that produces light
land v inmek if an aeroplane lands, it arrives on the ground after flying
language n dil words that people use to speak or write
laptop n dizüstü bilgisayar a small computer that you can carry around with you
large adj geniş big
last month / night / week / weekend geçen ay / gece / hafta / haftasonu the month/night, etc. before this one
late adj geç after the usual time or the time that was arranged
later adj sonra after some time
laugh v gülmek to smile and make sounds with your voice because something is funny
law n kanun
lay v yaymak, sermek
leader n lider a person in control of a group, country, or situation
learn v öğrenmek to get knowledge or a new skill
leave v ayrılmak to go away from a place
left adj sol
leg n bacak one of the parts of the body that is used for walking
length n uzunluk
lemonade n limonata a fizzy cold drink that tastes of lemon
less adj az not as much
lesson n ders a period of time when a teacher teaches people
letter n mektup some writing that you send to someone, usually by post
letterbox n mektup kutusu a small hole in a door that you put letters through
lettuce n marul a plant with green leaves, which you eat in salads
level n seviye
library n kütüphane a place with a lot of books that you can read or borrow
lie v yalan söylemek to put your body flat on something or to be in this position
life n hayat the time between a person’s birth and their death
lift v kaldırmak
light adj hafif
light n ışık
like v hoşlanmak to enjoy something or think that someone or something is nice
line n hat, çizgi
liquid n sıvı
list v listelemek
listen v dinlemek to give attention to someone or something in order to hear them
little adj küçük small in size or amount
live v yaşamak to be alive
live v yaşamak to have your home somewhere
living room n oturma odası the room in a house where people sit to relax and watch television
lizard n kertenkele a small animal with thick skin, a long tail, and four short legs
local adj yerel relating to an area near you
long adj uzun having a large distance from one end to the other
look after v gözetmek to take care of someone or something
look at n bakmak to turn your eyes in the direction of something or someone so that you can see them
lose v kaybetmek to not be able to find someone or something
loud adj gürültülü
love v sevmek to like someone or something very much
lovely adj sevimli pleasant or enjoyable
low adj alçak
luck n şans good and bad things caused by chance and not by your own actions
lucky adj şanslı having good things happen to you
lunch n öğle yemeği the food that you eat in the middle of the day
lunchtime n öğle yemeği vakti the time when you eat lunch
luxury adj lüks expensive and beautiful


machine m makine
magazine n dergi a big thin book that you can buy every week or month, that has pictures and writing
magic n sihir special powers that can make things happen that seem impossible
mail v postalamak to send a letter or parcel or email something
main course n ana yemek the main dish that you eat when you eat a meal in two or more stages
major adj ana, majör
make v yapmak to create something
man n adam an adult male human
many adv çok
March n Mart the third month of the year
mark n işaret/ not
market n pazar
marriage n evlilik the legal relationship of a man and a woman being a husband and a wife
marry v evlenmek to begin a legal relationship with someone as their husband or wife
mass n yığın
master n usta
match n maç a sports competition in which two people or teams compete against each other
meterial n materyal
Maths n Matematik mathematics
matter n sorun, konu
May n Mayıs the fifth month of the year
meal n yemek when you eat, or the food that you eat at that time
mean v anlamına gelmek to have a particular meaning
measure v ölçmek
meat n et the soft parts of animals, used as food
medicine n ilaç something that you drink or eat when you are ill, to stop you being ill
medium-length adj orta-uzunlukta medium-length hair is not short or long but reaches the shoulders
meet v buluşmak, karşılaşmak
melody n melodi
member n üye a person who belongs to a group or an organisation
men n adamlar plural of ‘man’
menu n mönü a list of food and drinks that you can get in a restaurant
message n mesaj a piece of written or spoken information which one person gives to another
metal n metal
method n metot
middle adj ortada
mile n mil
milk n süt a white liquid that babies and baby animals drink that comes from their mothers’ bodies
million n milyon
mind n us, akıl
minute n dakika a period of time equal to 60 seconds
miss v özlemek to feel sad about someone or something that you have stopped seeing or having
mix v karıştırmak
mobile phone n cep telefonu a telephone that you can carry everywhere with you
model n model someone whose job is wearing clothes for photographs or fashion shows
modern adj modern relating to the present time and not to the past
molecule n molekül
mom n anne an American word for mother
moment n an
Monday n Pazartesi the day of the week after Sunday and before Tuesday
money n para the coins or pieces of paper that are used for buying things
monster n canavar an imaginary creature that is large, ugly, and frightening
month n ay one of the twelve periods of time that a year is divided into
moon n ay the round object that shines in the sky at night and moves around the Earth
more adv daha fazla
morning n sabah
most adv en çok
mother n anne your female parent
motion n hareket
mountain n dağ
mouth n ağız the part of the face that is used for eating and speaking
move v taşınmak
mum n anne mother
museum n müze a building where you can look at important objects connected with art, history, or science
multiply v çarpmak (mat.)
mushroom n mantar a type of fungus (=organism like a plant) with a short stem and a round top, some types of which can be eaten
music n müzik a pattern of sounds that is made by playing instruments or singing, or a recording of this
mystery n sır something strange that cannot be explained or understood


9th (ninth) 9uncu (dokuzuncu)
name n isim the word or group of words that is used to refer to a person, thing, or place
national adj ulusal relating to the whole of a country
natural adj doğal made or caused by nature and not by people or machines
near yakın not far away in distance
necessary adj gerekli
neck n boyun
need v ihtiyaç duymak if you need something, you must have it, and if you need to do something, you must do it
neighbour n komşu
never adv asla not ever, not one time
new adj yeni recently made
newsagent n gazete bayii a shop that sells newspapers and magazines
newspaper n gazete large, folded sheets of paper which are printed with the news and sold every day or every week
next to yanında very close to something or someone, with nothing in between
nice adj sevimli pleasant
night n gece the time in every 24 hours when it is dark and people sleep
No problem. Sorun değil. something that you say to mean you can or will do what someone has asked you to do
noise n gürültü a sound, often a loud, bad sound
noisy adj gürültücü noisy people or things make a lot of noise
non-stop adj aralıksız without stopping
noon n öğlen
normally adv normal olarak usually
north n kuzey the direction that is on your left when you face towards the rising sun
Norway n Norveç a country in Europe
nose n burun the part of your face that you breathe through and smell with
notebook n not defteri a book with empty pages that you can write in
notice n duyuru
noun n isim
now adv şimdi
November n Kasım the eleventh month of the year
number n numara, sayı
nurse n hemşire someone whose job is looking after people who are ill and hurt


object n nesne
observe v gözlemek
occur v meydana gelmek
ocean n okyanus
October n Ekim the tenth month of the year
of -in belonging or relating to someone or something
Of course Elbette used to say ‘yes’ strongly, often to be polite
offer v sunmak
often adv sık sık many times or regularly
oil n yağ
old adj eski having lived or existed for a long time
old-fashioned adj eski moda not modern
Olympic Games n Olimpiyat Oyunları an international sports competition that happens every four years
on üstünde on a surface of something
once a day / week / month / year günde / hafta / ayda / yılda bir kere one time
onion n soğan a round vegetable with layers that has a strong taste and smell
only adv sadece
onto üstüne used to show movement into or on a particular place
open v açmak if you open something, you make it change to a position that is not closed
operate v işletmek
opposite karşısında in a position facing someone or something but on the other side
orange adj turuncu being a colour that is a mixture of red and yellow
orange n portakal a round, sweet fruit with a thick skin and a centre that has many parts
order v ısmarlamak to give someone an instruction that they must obey
organisation n organizasyon a group of people who work together for the same purpose
organise v organize etmek to plan or arrange something
organised adj organize an organised person plans things well
original adj orijinal
other adv diğer
out dışarı used to show movement away from the inside of somewhere
outside dışında near a building or room but not in it
own kendi belonging to a particular person
owner n sahip someone who owns something
oxygen n oksijen a gas in the air that people and animals must breathe


page n sayfa a piece of paper in a book, magazine, etc, or one side of a piece of paper
paradise n cennet a perfect place or situation
parcel n paket something that is covered in paper so that it can be sent by post
parent n ebeveyn your mother or father
park n park a large area of grass, often in a town, where people can walk and enjoy themselves
park v park etmek to leave a car in a place for a period of time
part time adj yarı zamanlı working or studying only for part of the day or the week
party n parti when people come together to enjoy themselves by talking, eating, drinking, and dancing
party v parti yapmak to enjoy yourself by talking, eating, drinking, and dancing with a group of people
pay v ödemek to give money to someone because you are buying something from them
PE (physical education) n BE (beden eğitimi) physical education: classes at school where children do exercise and play sport
pen n dolmakalem a long, thin object that you use to write or draw in ink
pencil n kalem a long, thin wooden object with a black or coloured point that you write or draw with
people n insanlar more than one person
perhaps adv belki possibly
person n kişi a human being
phone n telefon a piece of equipment that is used to talk to someone who is in another place
photograph n fotoğraf a picture made with a camera
piano n piyano a big wooden musical instrument with black and white bars that make sounds when you press them
piece of paper n kağıt parçası a sheet of paper
pink adj pembe being a pale red colour
pizza n pizza a flat, round piece of bread covered with tomato, cheese, etc and cooked in an oven
plane n uçak a vehicle that flies and has an engine and wings
play v oynamak when you play a sport or game, you take part in it
play sports spor yapmak When you play a sport or game, you take part in it
play the piano piyano çalmak to make music using a piano
player n oyuncu someone who plays a sport or game
pocket n cep a part of a piece of clothing that you can put things in
Poland n Polonya a country in Europe
police n polis the organisation that makes people obey the law and that protects people against crime
Polish adj Polonyalı relating to Poland
popular adj popüler liked by many people
population n nüfus the number of people living in a particular area
Portugal n Portekiz a country in Europe
post office n postane a place where you can buy stamps and send letters and parcels
potato n patates a round, white vegetable that grows in the ground
practical adj pratik suitable or useful for a situation which may involve some difficulty
practice n pratik when you do an activity again and again to get better at it
practise English İngilizce pratiği yapmak to speak English again and again in order to get better at it
practise the piano piyano pratiği yapmak to play the piano again and again in order to get better at it
present n hediye something that you give to someone, usually on a special day
president n başkan the highest political position in some countries, usually the leader of the government
pretty adj güzel nice to look at, attractive
prison n hapishane a place where criminals are kept as a punishment
probably adv muhtemelen used to mean that something is very likely
project n proje a planned piece of work that has a particular purpose
public adj kamusal for everyone to use and not private
pull v çekmek to take hold of something and move it somewhere
pumpkin n balkabağı a large, round vegetable with thick, orange skin
purple adj mor being a colour that is a mixture of red and blue
push v itmek to move someone or something by pressing them with your hands or body
put v koymak to move something to a place or position
quickly adv hızlıca fast or in a short time
quiet adj sessiz making little or no noise
quite adv bayağı, oldukça a little or a lot but not completely


rabbit n tavşan a small animal with fur and long ears that lives in a hole in the ground
race n yarış a competition in which people run, ride, drive, etc against each other in order to see who is the fastest
radio n radyo a piece of equipment used for listening to radio broadcasts
railway station n tren istasyonu a building where trains stop so that you can get on or off them
rain v yağmur yağmak When it rains, water falls from the sky in small drops
rap n rap a type of music in which the words are spoken and there is a strong beat
read v okumak to look at words and understand what they mean
ready adj hazır prepared for doing something
real adj gerçek existing and not imagined
Really? Gerçekten mi? said when you are surprised by what someone has said
red adj kırmızı being the same colour as blood
remember v hatırlamak to keep something in your mind, or bring it back into your mind
repeat v tekrarlamak to say or do something more than once
restaurant n restoran a place where you can buy and eat a meal
return v geri dönmek to go or come back to a place where you were before
rice n pirinç small grains from a plant that are cooked and eaten
rich adj zengin a rich person has a lot of money
riding n binicilik the sport or activity of riding horses
right adj doğru correct or true
river boat n nehir botu a long, narrow boat that is used on a river
road n yol a long, hard surface built for cars to drive on
roof n çatı the surface that covers the top of a building or vehicle
room n oda a part of the inside of a building, which is separated from other parts by walls, floors, and ceilings
run v koşmak to move on your feet at a faster speed than walking
running n koşu the sport of moving on your feet at a speed faster than walking
Russia n Rusya a country in Europe


2nd (second) 2nci (ikinci) being the one after the first
6th (sixth) 6ncı (altıncı)
7th (seventh) 7nci (yedinci)
sad adj üzgün unhappy
safe adj güvenli not dangerous
salad n salata a cold mixture of vegetables that have not been cooked
salt n tuz a white substance used to add flavour to food
same aynı exactly alike
sandwich n sandviç two slices of bread with meat, cheese, etc between them
Saturday n Cumartesi the day of the week after Friday and before Sunday
save v kurtarmak to stop someone or something from being killed or destroyed
say v söylemek to speak words
scared adj korkmuş frightened or worried
scarf n atkı a piece of cloth that you wear around your neck or head to keep warm or for decoration
school n okul a place where children go to be educated
school subject n okul dersi a subject that children study at school
Science n Bilim the study of the structure of natural things and the way that they behave
sea n deniz a large area of salt water
seaside n deniz kenarı an area or town next to the sea
seat n oturak something that you sit on
second n saniye one of the 60 parts a minute is divided into
see v görmek to notice people and things with your eyes
seem v görünmek to appear to be
sell v satmak to give something to someone who gives you money for it
send v göndermek to arrange for something to go or be taken somewhere, especially by post
separate v ayırmak to divide into parts, or to make something divide into parts
September n Eylül the ninth month of the year
shampoo n şampuan a liquid substance that you use to wash your hair
She’s fine. O iyi. used to say that someone is healthy and happy
ship n gemi a large boat that carries people or goods by sea
shoe n ayakkabı a strong covering for the foot, often made of leather
shoot v vurmak to hurt or kill a person or animal by firing a bullet from a gun
shop n dükkan a building or part of a building where you can buy things
shop assistant n dükkan yardımcısı someone whose job is selling things in a shop
short adj kısa having a small distance from one end to the other
shout v bağırmak to say something very loudly
show v göstermek to prove that something is true
shower n duş a piece of bathroom equipment that you stand under to wash your whole body
sight n görüş the ability to use your eyes to see
sign v imzalamak to write your name on something to show that you wrote/painted, etc it or to show that you agree to it
signal n sinyal a movement, light, or sound which gives information, or tells people what to do
silent adj sessiz without any sound
similar adj benzer something which is similar to something else has many things the same, although it is not exactly the same
simple adj basit not difficult to do or to understand
sing v şarkı söylemek to make musical sounds with your voice
singer n şarkıcı someone who sings
sister n kız kardeş a girl or woman who has the same parents as you
sit v oturmak to be in a position with the weight of your body on your bottom and the top part of your body up, for example, on a chair
ski v kaymak to move over snow wearing skis
skirt n etek a piece of women’s clothing that hangs from the waist and has no legs
sleep v uyumak to be in the state of rest when your eyes are closed, your body is not active, and your mind is unconscious
slow adj yavaş moving, happening, or doing something without much speed
slowly adv yavaşça at a slow speed
small adj küçük little in size or amount
smile n gülümseme when the corners of your mouth go up so that you look happy or friendly
snail n sümüklüböcek a small creature with a long, soft body and a round shell
snake n yılan a long, thin creature with no legs that slides along the ground
snowboard v snowboard yapmak to do a sport in which you stand on a large board and move over snow
soccer n futbol an American for football – a game in which two teams of eleven people kick a ball and try to score goals
sofa n kanepe a large, comfortable seat for more than one person
soldier n asker a person in an army
sometimes adv bazı zamanlar on some occasions but not always or often
son n erkek çocuk your male child
song n şarkı words that go with a short piece of music
sound v görünmek to seem, from what you have heard or read
soup n çorba a hot, liquid food, made from vegetables, meat, or fish
south n güney the direction that is on your right when you face towards the rising sun
Spain n İspanya a country in Europe
Spanish adj İspanyol relating to Spain
speak v konuşmak to say something using your voice
speaker n hoparlör the part of a radio, CD player, etc which the sound comes out of
special adj özel better or more important than usual things
spend v harcamak to use money to buy or pay for something
spider n örümcek a creature with eight long legs which catches insects in a web (=structure like a net)
sport n spor a game or activity which people do to keep healthy or for enjoyment, often competing against each other
sports facilities n spor tesisleri places and equipment for people who play sports
sports hall n spor salonu a large room, especially in a school, that is used by people who are playing sport
spring n ilkbahar the season of the year between winter and summer, when the weather becomes warmer and plants start to grow again
stamp n pul a small piece of paper that you buy and stick onto a letter before you post it
star n yıldız a famous singer, actor, sports person, etc
start v başlamak to begin doing something
starter n ordörv something that you eat as the first part of a meal
stay v kalmak to continue to be in a place, job, etc and not leave
steak n biftek a thick, flat piece of meat
steal v çalmak to secretly take something that does not belong to you
stereo n müzik sistemi a piece of equipment for playing CDs, listening to the radio, etc that has two speakers (=parts where sound comes out)
stone n taş a small rock or piece of rock
stop v durmak to finish doing something that you were doing
storm n fırtına very bad weather with a lot of rain, snow, wind, etc
story n hikaye a description of a series of real or imaginary events which is intended to entertain people
straight adj doğru not curved or bent
strange adj garip unusual or not expected
strawberry n çilek a small, red fruit with small, brown seeds on its surface
street market n semt pazarı an area in a city or village where there are many small shops with open fronts or tables from which things are sold
student n öğrenci someone who is studying at a school or university
study v çalışmak to learn about a subject, usually at school or university
stupid adj salak very silly or not clever
sudden adj ani done or happening quickly and not expected
suddenly adv aniden quickly and when not expected
sugar n şeker a very sweet substance used to give flavour to food and drinks
summer n yaz the warmest season of the year, between spring and autumn
sun n güneş the large, bright star that shines in the sky during the day and provides light and heat for the Earth
Sunday n Pazar the day of the week after Saturday and before Monday
sunny adj güneşli bright because of light from the sun
supermarket n süpermarket a large shop that sells food, drink, products for the home, etc
surname n soyisim the name that you and other members of your family all have
sweater n süeter a warm piece of clothing which covers the top of your body and is pulled on over your head
Swedish adj İsveçli relating to Sweden
sweet n tatlı a small piece of sweet food, often made of sugar or chocolate
swim v yüzmek to move through water by moving your body
swimming n yüzmek when you move through water using your body
swimming pool n yüzme havuzu an area of water that has been made for people to swim in
Switzerland n İsviçre a country in Europe



table n masa a piece of furniture with four legs, used for eating off, putting things on, etc
take v almak to get and carry something with you when you go somewhere
take a picture v fotoğraf çekmek to use a camera to take a photograph
talk v konuşmak to say things to someone
tall adj uzun being higher than most other people or things
taxi n taksi a car with a driver who you pay to take you somewhere
tea n çay a hot drink that you make by pouring water onto dried leaves
teacher n öğretmen someone whose job is to teach in a school, college, etc
team n takım a group of people who play a sport or game together
teenager n genç someone who is between 13 and 19 years old
teeth (plural of tooth) n dişler Plural of tooth
tell v anlatmak to say something to someone, usually giving them information
temperature n sıcaklık how hot or cold something is
tennis n tenis a sport in which two or four people hit a small ball to each other over a net
terrible adj korkunç very bad
test n test a set of questions to measure someone’s knowledge or ability
text n metin the written words in a book, magazine, etc, not the pictures
Thanks. Teşekkürler. used to tell someone that you are grateful to them
the news n haberler a television programme that gives information about important things that have recently happened
think v düşünmek to have an opinion about something or someone
think v düşünmek to consider an idea or problem
through boyunca from one end or side of something to the other
thumb n başparmak the short, thick finger on the side of your hand
Thursday n Perşembe the day of the week after Wednesday and before Friday
to be born v doğmak when a person or animal is born, they come out of their mother’s body and start to exist
toast n tost bread that has been heated to make it brown
toilet n tuvalet a bowl that you sit on or stand near when you get rid of waste substances from your body
tomato n domates a soft, round, red fruit eaten in salad or as a vegetable
tomorrow n yarın the day after today or on the day after today
tonight n bu gece the night of this day, or during the night of this day
tour n tur a visit to and around a place, area, or country
tourist n turist someone who visits a place for pleasure and does not live there
town n kasaba a place where people live and work which is larger than a village
trainers n spor ayakkabı soft sports shoes
transport n ulaşım a vehicle or system of vehicles, such as buses, trains, aircraft, etc for getting from one place to another
travel v seyahat etmek to make a journey
trick n hile something you do to deceive someone, or to make someone look stupid
trip n yolculuk a journey in which you visit a place for a short time and come back again
trousers n pantolon a piece of clothing that covers the legs and has a separate part for each leg
true adj doğru based on facts and not imagined
try v denemek to attempt to do something
try on v denemek (elbise) to put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits you
Tuesday n Salı the day of the week after Monday and before Wednesday
Turkey n Türkiye a country in Asia
turkey n hindi a bird that looks like a large chicken, or the meat from this bird
Turkish adj Türk relating to Turkey
turn v dönmek to change direction when you are moving, or to make a car do this
TV n TV television
twice a day / week / month / year günde / hafta / ayda / yılda iki kere two times
typical adj tipik having all the qualities you expect a particular person, object, place, etc to have


UFO n UFO unidentified flying object: something strange that you see in the sky that could be from another part of the universe
uncle n amca the brother of your mother or father, or the husband of your aunt
under altında below something
unhappy adj üzgün sad
university n üniversite a place where students study at a high level to get a degree (=type of qualification)
use v kullanmak if you use something, you do something with it for a particular purpose
usually adv genelde in the way that most often happens
vegetable n sebze a plant that you eat, for example a potato, onion, etc
verb n fiil a word or group of words that refers to an action, state, or experience – for example the words ‘arrive’, ‘make’, ‘be’, and ‘feel’ are verbs
video n video a plastic box that you put into a machine in order to record a television programme or watch a programme that is already recorded
village n köy a place where people live in the countryside which is smaller than a town
vinegar n sirke a sour liquid that is used in cooking, often made from wine
violin n keman a wooden musical instrument that you hold against your neck and play by moving a stick across strings
visit v ziyaret etmek to go somewhere to see someone or a place
volleyball n voleybol a game in which two teams use their hands to hit a ball over a net
vote v oy vermek to show your choice or opinion in an election or meeting by writing a cross on an official piece of paper or putting your hand up
wait v beklemek to stay in a place until someone or something arrives
waiter n garson a man who works in a restaurant, bringing food to customers
walk v yürümek to move forward by putting one foot in front of the other and then repeating the action
wallet n cüzdan a small, flat container for paper money and credit cards (=plastic cards used for paying with), usually used by a man
want v istemek to hope to have or do something
war n savaş fighting, using soldiers and weapons, between two or more countries, or two or more groups inside a country
warm adj ılık having a temperature between cool and hot
washing machine n çamaşır makinesi a machine that washes clothes
watch v izlemek to look at something for a period of time
water n su the clear liquid that falls from the sky as rain and that is in seas, lakes, and rivers
wavy adj dalgalı not straight but with slight curves
wear v giymek to have a piece of clothing, jewellery, etc on your body
weather n hava the temperature or conditions outside, for example if it is hot, cold, sunny, etc
Wednesday n Çarşamba the day of the week after Tuesday and before Thursday
weekend n hafta sonu Saturday and Sunday, the two days in the week when many people do not work
well adj iyi, sağlıklı healthy
well adv iyi in a good way
wet adj ıslak covered in water or another liquid
what ne/kaç used to ask for information about something
where nerede used to ask about the place or position of someone or something
white adj beyaz being the colour of snow or milk
who kim used to ask about someone’s name or which person or group someone is talking about
why neden used to ask or talk about the reasons for something
wife n the woman that a man is married to
win v kazanmak to get the most points or succeed in a competition, fight or war
window n pencere a space in the wall of a building or vehicle that has glass in it, used for letting light and air inside and for looking through
winner n kazanan someone who wins a game, competition, or election
winter n kış the coldest season of the year, between autumn and spring
wish v dilemek to want a situation that is different from the one that exists
with ile used to say that people or things are in a place together or are doing something together
woman n kadın an adult female person
women n kadınlar plural of ‘woman’
wonderful adj mükemmel very good
work n something you do to get money
work v çalışmak to do a job, especially the job you do to earn money
world n dünya the Earth and all the people, places, and things on it
worried adj kaygılı unhappy because you are thinking about bad things that might happen
worse adj daha kötü more unpleasant or difficult than something else that is also bad
write v yazmak to produce words, letters, or numbers on a surface using a pen or pencil
writer n yazar someone whose job is writing books, stories, articles, etc
wrong adj yanlış not correct
year n yıl a period of 12 months, or 365 or 366 days, especially from 1 January to 31 December
yellow adj sarı being the same colour as a lemon or the sun
Yes, great. Evet, harika. something you say when you think something is really good
yesterday dün the day before today
yesterday afternoon / evening / morning dün öğleden sonra/akşam/sabah the afternoon/evening, etc of the day before this one
young adj genç having lived or existed for only a short time and not old


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Uzman Answered on 25 Aralık 2019.
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